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Function Reference
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SI32 pdfGetEmbeddedFileCount(
const PPDF* IPDF) // Instance pointer
The function returns the number of embedded files available in the PDF file. Note that the number of
embedded files from an external PDF file is available after the PDF file has been imported.
Depending of the used import flags embedded files can be excluded from import. See
SetImportFlags(), or ImportPDFFile() for further information.
LBOOL pdfGetEmbeddedFileNode(
const IEFN* IEF,
// Pointer of an embedded file node
struct TPDFEmbFileNode* F, // see below
LBOOL Decompress)
// If true, the file will be decompressed
struct TPDFEmbFileNode
StructSize; // Must be set to sizeof(TPDFEmbFileNode).
const char*
// UTF-8 encoded name. This is usually an ASCII string.
struct TPDFFileSpec EF;
// Embedded file.
// Next node if any.
struct TPDFFileSpec
char* Buffer;
// Buffer of an embedded file.
UI32 BufSize;
// Buffer size in bytes.
LBOOL Compressed;
// Should be false if Decompress was true.
void* ColItem;
// Pointer to user defined collection item.
char* Name;
// Name of the file specification in the name tree.
LBOOL NameUnicode; // Is Name in Unicode format?
char* FileName;
// File name as 7 bit ASCII string.
// If true, FileName contains a URL.
char* UF;
// PDF 1.7. Same as FileName but Unicode is allowed.
LBOOL UFUnicode;
// Is UF in Unicode format?
char* Desc;
// Description.
LBOOL DescUnicode; // Is Desc in Unicode format?
UI32 FileSize;
// Decompressed stream size or zero if not known.
char* MIMEType;
// MIME media type name (RFC 2046).
char* CreateDate;
// Creation date as string.
char* ModDate;
// Modification date as string.
char* CheckSum;
// 16 byte MD5 digest if set.
The function retrieves the properties of an embedded file node. The member StructSize of the
structure TPDFEmbFileNode must be set to sizeof(TPDFEmbFileNode) before the function can be
Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is 1. If the function fails the return value is 0.

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